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Shatta Wale Should Shatup What Do You Know About Naija Music And Artists – ARISCO LEE

Europe based Naija Artiste,Ariscolee  born Jojo Prince Uyi has reply reggae dancehall act shatta wale  that  he should shatup we stand tall we have no competition with any africa musicians not because of our market but music as a whole,we compose real africa riddims our cultural jeju music has make so much impact in african music and the world at large we never put it aside this is who we are the world has recognized our music sins 70s.
He stated making noise on social media insulting us will not help you rather putting perper into your own eyes i think you needs help to promote your self fine,but we better than you and can never be like us.
Glo invited you to perform in nigeria just because naija people wanted to see the fool that making noise in Ghana seens then which company invite you again tell us.
He said  the world noted the positive message built in our songs,it paved way for our industry,it gives individuals and companies the confidence to invest in our music.
 Jojo prince uyi known in stage Arisco Lee Born in Benin Empire(the city of kings and queens)Arisco Lee up with music,at the tender age of six he start he start playing bongo in the church and during the years he cultivates his passion for music in all dimensions.
He songs from beats over to lyrics is his way to express himsef,in the late 90s Arisco Lee leaves home and migrates to swizerland,where he keeps on living his passion of being a songwriter and singer,he dedicates his time to write and produce songs,one of his most known songs “Forever”has a huge success a few years ago,and now a new chapter begins.  with his newest song “SLOW DOWN” featuring Harry Songs.
Arisco Lee  is back as an international act to make change in the african music community.
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